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This post is from contributing author, Pat Burke.

Matt and I met Thursday evening at the American Ale House to talk strategy and watch Dom’s gig.  We had a few places in mind to target big fish where Matt had done well a few days prior.  Throughout drinking a couple good craft brews and listening to Dom play, we anxiously checked stream gauges trying to predict when the rising streams would stop.  By the time we left for the evening, it was apparent we weren’t going to be going to a couple of our favorite big trout rivers.  Instead we ended up taking the boat out on a favorite local river in the morning.

The flows were a great level for floating and the fish were active towards big streamers.


Matt and I alternated, taking turns between paddling and fishing.  The sink tips were dropped early in favor of the all mono leaders we have been experimenting with when streamer fishing.  Once again, this rig was by far the most productive.  It’s accuracy and control is unsurpassed.


The fish averaged much bigger than normal for this waterway.  I attribute this to the increased flows and lack of recent pressure due to the high water.


We never did break the magic 20 inch whisky drinker mark.  Grobe came real close with a hefty brown who absolutely destroyed his streamer.


Here is another view of the fish.  This was a truly great brown for our local waters.


In between throwing streamers, we also nymphed any island chain we came to where the water was braided.  The nymphing was okay and we picked up a few more decent fish.


There is a reason I call Matt belligerent.  I think the characteristic I like most about him is he isn’t reserved about showing his annoyance with incompetence.  I spent way too much time trying to adjust settings on my camera, and when I finally was ready for the picture with a good fish, Matt showed his displeasure with my dilatory response.


Throughout the day, I also tried to get pictures of Matt in action, but always ended up with this.


Also, don’t lose control of your fish when Matt is the camera man.


It’s getting to be about the time of the year when we start seeing hatches and rising fish.  The last fish of the day showed itself with a gentle rise against the bank.  I placed my streamers slightly ahead of the fish, stripped once, and it exploded on my streamer.  What a contrast from delicate rise to annihilation.


Pat Burke

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