This is what we fish with, season after season . . .

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This gear list has been updated to include favorites from the Troutbitten crew — that’s Austin, Bill, Matt, Trevor and Josh. These are the guys you hear on the Troutbitten Podcast. You can find their short bios on the Contributors Page.

This is all gear that we’ve used extensively and believe in. This is what we fish with, season after season.

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Lines and leaders are what connect us to the flies and the trout (on a good day). From reel to rod tip, from the tip to the fly, our lines and leaders carry the fly and form the connections that matter. So, rigging and adjusting these materials is at the heart of every angler’s success. And having a few tools to do the job with efficiency is priceless.

Maxima Chameleon

This is the best stuff for building the Mono Rig, a George Harvey leader or any other leader formula. Chameleon is unique in the way it lays flat once stretched, it handles well and casts with power (much better than limp materials).

The Mono Rig — A Long-Leader Fly Fishing System

Sufix Superior

We started using this material for visible leaders while filming. But we’re now using it sometimes for daily fishing. We often guide with this as the butt section too. When an angler wants to see the whole leader, this is a great option. It holds less of a coil than other colored lines, like Amnesia or OPST (especially in cold weather). And it handles well. We use this in the Neon Fire color, 20,15, 12 and 10 pound.

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This is a good material for making sighters or highly visible butt sections. Red is softer than green. All monofilament must be stretched at the beginning of the trip to release the coil.

Sighters — Seven Separate Tools

OPST Lazar Line

Another great option for the butt section of a Mono Rig. Highly visible. The diameter of 30lb Lazar Line closely matches the diameter of 20lb Chameleon. (.017″)

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Rio Two Tone Indicator Tippet

Our favorite sighter material. The Rio stuff doesn’t bleed when it gets wet on the spool. It’s excellent visible material for building sighters. It’s also limp, which is sometimes good for a sighter. More about that in the link below.

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Seaguar InvizX

Excellent fluorocarbon for less than half the price. Tough but soft. Invizx is my daily use fluoro tippet from 2X-5X.

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Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbon

Mirage is true to size, meaning, it mics out at what it is listed as — that’s unusual in fly fishing tippet. So thank you, Orvis. Also, thanks for a the most supple fluorocarbon on the market. Mirage is different. It’s especially great for providing a little freedom of movement to small flies.

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Rio Suppleflex

Super limp nylon tippet for delicate dry fly presentations. Far and away my favorite nylon for fishing top water. — Dom

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Rio Fluoroflex Strong

Tough but flexible fluoro for underwater presentations.

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RIO Gold Fly Line

One of our go-to fly lines. The RIO Gold is a classic for good reason. This line is a do-it-all standard. We like slick finish over textured.

PODCAST: Why It Always Comes Down to Fly Casting — And What Matters Most — S3-Ep6

Scientific Anglers Air Cel

Still my favorite fly line. Yes, I’ve used hundred dollar fly lines too. And I keep coming back to the Air Cel. It’s durable and has a great taper.

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Cortland Euro Nymph Mono Core

This is the line that we hand to clients who want to fish a Mono Rig, but don’t like holding mono in their line hand. Go with the .022″ level line.

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Loon Rigging Foams

The ultimate tool for the efficient angler. Storing pre-rigged tippet sections is finally simple.

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Sea Striker Leader Spools 4″

Good for quick leader changes. Long leaders don’t store well on smaller spools or when wrapped around your hand. Bigger spool, less coil. Save your old Maxima spools, because they are a better solution than these wheels. But these will do. 

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Stanley’s Ice Off Paste

The Stanley stuff works just a little better than everything else.

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