December 2016


Modern Nymphing, the Mono Rig, and Euro Nymphing

December 22, 2016

Devin Olsen and Lance Egan recently released their video, Modern Nymphing. And it’s good. In fact, it’s the best video on long leader tactics that I’ve seen. It’s beautifully…

Streamers Tips/Tactics

Modern Streamers: Too much motion? And are we moving them too fast?

December 15, 2016

Is a big, articulated streamer with marabou, flashabou, rubber legs, polar chenille, rabbit strip, hen hackle and a lazer dub collar actually moving too much? Are there too many elements…


Anything at Anytime | Meet Honey Bunny

December 6, 2016

I approach from downstream, making daring casts into the brush pile, probing a dark network that’s shaped by collected seasons of tangled…