February 2016

Stories Streamside

Streamside | Stalking the Seam on Soft Hackles

February 28, 2016

Matthew Copeland can tell a story (there’s no doubt about that), and Stalking the Seam has become one of my favorite reads on…

Streamside Tips/Tactics

Streamside | Keystone On Pocket Water Streamers

February 21, 2016

There’s nowhere on the river I enjoy more than good, heavy runs with big boulders, logs and mixed currents. The best pocket water takes resolute effort to wade, and spending…


It’s Not the Same

February 17, 2016

Sawyer skidded the truck sideways a little and pulled the e-brake as we lurched to a stop in the fly shop parking lot. He looked at me and grinned.


Streamside Tips/Tactics

Streamside | Hatch Mag Tight Line Leader

February 13, 2016

We’ve gotten a lot of questions, comments and reactions to a few recent articles that we published about Sighters, Tight Line Rigs and Why Fly Line Sucks. It’s cool to see…


The Fisherman is Eternally Hopeful

February 5, 2016

Rich had cancer, and it was spreading fast. We both knew this was our last trip together and that a dear friendship was coming to a close.

We fished a…