This is what we fish with, season after season . . .

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This gear list has been updated to include favorites from the Troutbitten crew — that’s Austin, Bill, Matt, Trevor and Josh. These are the guys you hear on the Troutbitten Podcast. You can find their short bios on the Contributors Page.

This is all gear that we’ve used extensively and believe in. This is what we fish with, season after season.

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From frigid winter to sweltering summer, anglers who fish hard get after it in every season. Light and moisture wicking sun protection are the keys for summer. But for the winter — no other season requires such dedication from an angler nor such a dedicated set of tools. Without the right gear, from head to toe, even the most die-hard angler finds themselves back at the truck, shivering on the drive home and heading for the easy chair. With some forethought and a willingness to spend a few minutes on smart layers, anyone can experience great fishing all year round.

Skwala Sol Tactical Hoodie

(Dom, Bill, Trevor, Matt)

Here’s one we all agree on. This is daily-wear for us, on and off the river. Skwala built a fishing shirt that is light but has structure, with the perfect material and fit. It’s light, but it doesn’t hang on you. This is a great shirt.

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Simms Solarflex Hoodie


Solarflex material is super-soft and cooler in the sun than short sleeves. These are the excellent for summer fishing. No sunscreen necessary. That’s nice. This material is light but doesn’t cling when it’s wet. So, so good.

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Skwala Thermo 150 Hoodie

(Dom, Trevor, Josh)

Absolutely one of our favorite things to wear. 150 Merino wool makes this thin shirt great in warm and colder weather. Naturally comfortable, moisture wicking, temperature regulating and odor resistant. Another daily wear item.

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Orvis Sun Defense Hoodie


Can you tell that we like hoodies? Here’s another good one. Lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable and odor resistant. This is as good off the river as it is on the river.

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Simms Fall Run Insulated Vest


This lightweight puffy makes a big difference. Keep your core warm, and everything gets better. With Primaloft insulation, hand pockets and a high collar, this is a key element to a good layering system.

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Orvis Pro Insulated Hoodie

(Dom, Bill, Trevor)

We love this Orvis jacket for an insulating layer or an outer. It’s thin, but extremely warm. So it’s a great layer to stash in a pack or vest, just in case the weather turns. This is a nice piece of gear.

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Orvis Pro Under Wader Pants


What you wear under your waders requires some forethought. These Orvis pants are designed for the job. With stirrups to keep the pant legs down, with a midweight design and vents to release heat, these are perfect for the angler who covers a lot of water, hiking in and out. These pants also don’t look to silly when you stop at the gas station on your way home.

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Skwala Thermo 350 Pants

(Dom, Trevor)

Another great pair for under your waders, with the added benefit of wool. These 350 Merino Wool pants are warm and super comfortable. Cuffs at the bottom keep the legs slim. 

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Columbia Silver Ridge Pants


These are a great all-around choice when the snow isn’t flying. Wear these under your waders, as a thin pair of pants with no insulation. Also these are light, breathable, quick drying and very durable for wet wading season. These are a favorite.

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Orvis Jackson Quick Dry Pants


Another great fast-to-dry option for wet wading or wearing under waders. Great for all day wear as well.

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First Lite Furnace Wool Quarterzip

(Dom, Trevor, Josh)

The Furnace line is First Lite’s thickest baselayer. It’s almost too warm — and that’s a good thing. If you’re new to a good wool baselayer, you’ll quickly learn that you need far less overtop of it than you would normally wear. First Lite Furnace is one of the best things on this list

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First Lite Furnace Wool Bottom Baselayer

(Dom, Trevor, Josh)

Our daily choice for bottoms, once the temperature drops. Moisture wicking, super comfortable and ridiculously warm, First Lite Furnace is a game changer. 

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Meriwool Mid Weight Base Layer


Crew neck merino wool base layer. Warmth starts here.

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Merino Tech Lightweight Baselayer Tee


Another great wool option for layering. Modern wool is not just for winter. This is a great tee for all times of the year. It’s naturally heat regulating, moisture wicking and odor resistant.

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Marmot Men’s Drop Line 1/2 Zip


This mid/heavy weight layer from Marmot is a great first-layer fleece insulator.

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TrailHeads Contour Winter Beanie


A first-layer hat. Thin enough to wear under a ball cap and warm enough to make a difference.

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First Lite Tag Cuff Wool Beanie

(Dom, Trevor, Austin, Josh)

Can’t beat this one. Extra warm and comfy. Just the right size for putting it over a baseball cap or for wearing it alone.

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Balaclava Thermal Fleece Hood

(Dom, Austin)

This balaclava (the Grim Reaper) is a secret weapon for deep winter fishing.

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Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool Boot Cushion Sock

(Dom, Josh, Austin)

All day, everyday. The perfect wading sock is Darn Tough’s merino wool full cushion hiker. Lifetime warranty on a sock? Yup.

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Darn Tough Mountaineering OTC Extra Cushion Sock

(Dom, Josh, Austin)

Darn Tough’s best insulating wool sock, for the coldest waters. Put these over a thinner pair of wool socks, and you’ll be good in almost anything.

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Alpacas of Montana Extra Cushion Boot Socks

(Matt, Trevor)

Yes, alpaca fleece is warmer than sheep’s wool per gram of fiber. Alpaca fibers are completely hollow, whereas sheep’s wool only contains pockets of air. Sounds like that might keep your toes warmer in winter rivers, right?

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Fox River Fingerless Wool Gloves

(Dom, Austin)

Warmth and dexterity. We have to have our fingers to make adjustments on the river, no matter the weather.

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Fox River Wool Fold Over Mittens


When it’s extra cold, the fold over mitten makes a difference.

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First Lite Fingerless Wool Talus Glove


Fingerless is the way to go. We need our fingers exposed to tie knots, to make changes and feel the line. These ones from First Lite are a great choice.

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Hot Hands Ten Pack

(All of us)

Buy ’em in bulk. Open them on your way to the river. Keep them out of the air, in a pocket and insulated. And for real warmth for the fingers, check out the wristband trick in the article link below.

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