This is what we fish with, season after season . . .

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This gear list has been updated to include favorites from the Troutbitten crew — that’s Austin, Bill, Matt, Trevor and Josh. These are the guys you hear on the Troutbitten Podcast. You can find their short bios on the Contributors Page.

This is all gear that we’ve used extensively and believe in. This is what we fish with, season after season.

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Good anglers have a system. Efficiency wins on the water. And how you carry your gear, how you lay it out, is just as important as what you carry. Having everything ready at your fingertips inspires versatility. It breeds confidence and a willingness to adapt. All of this starts with a well thought out pack or vest system.

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Simm Guide Vest

(Dom, Josh)

When a big part of your life is fishing, how you carry fishing gear is a big deal. The Simms Guide Vest starts with a classic design and modernizes it in all the best ways.

With a stacked layout, molded pockets, durable materials, dual front closure, a unique collar and massive rear storage, this vest is built for fly fishers. It’s the versatile angler’s perfect, efficient carry-and-access system. Full article review below.

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Patagonia Stealth Pack/Vest


Patagonia builds some well-thought-out features into their fishing gear. This pack/vest hybrid is a more minimalist approach to a traditional vest. It’s lighter, and more breathable. And the pocket layout allows for intuitive changes.

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Umpqua ZS2 Overlook 500 Chest Pack


Easy access to everything up front, smart layout, great storage. Four-point harness distrubutes weight evenly. Optional small backpack for more storage. Hey now.

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Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar


Fully waterproof, smart layout with tons of storage solutions and exterior attachments points, this hip pack is the best of the bunch. Carrying the weight on your hips is great for long days and long miles of covering water. This is the pack we’ve been looking for.

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C&F Design CFA-830 Universal Chest Storage

(Bill, Dom)

C&F always comes up with slick designs, built for fishermen. This useful chest box is 10 x 7 x 3 inches. That’s just big enough to fit everything the minimalist needs for a day on the river — maybe more. 

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