This is what we fish with, season after season . . .

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This gear list has been updated to include favorites from the Troutbitten crew — that’s Austin, Bill, Matt, Trevor and Josh. These are the guys you hear on the Troutbitten Podcast. You can find their short bios on the Contributors Page.

This is all gear that we’ve used extensively and believe in. This is what we fish with, season after season.

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Simms G3 Guide Wading Jacket


Modern wading jackets aren’t just raincoats. They are purpose built outerwear, built for fishing. We wear the G3 daily, not just when it rains, because a great wading jacket blocks wind, and it blocks splashes from heavy wading and rain. Wading jackets are a key piece of gear for comfortable fishing, no matter the weather.

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Skwala Carbon Wading Jacket


There are two kinds of wading jackets: a lightweight/packable coat, or a jacket you don’t mind wearing all day. The Carbon is the best lightweight raincoat on the market. Weighing just one pound, it easily rolls up and stores in your pack or vest. But, remarkably, it has great structure, key fishing features and holds its form. The Carbon is both kinds of wading jackets in one.

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Simms Bulkley Insulated Wading Jacket


Super warm, windproof and totally waterproof, with a hood that changes the cold weather game. Major insulation in a wading jacket. This is excellent.

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Orvis Ultralight Wading Jacket

(Bill, Trevor)

Another great, super light option for a wading jacket. Packable enough that you don’t mind carrying it, durable and functional, so you enjoy wearing it.

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Skwala 3/2 Fusion Puffy


Skwala builds in features that just make sense for fishing. The articulated arms, stretchy cuffs and fitted hood add to the super-warm insulation of this puffy. A more comfortable, flexible and durable outer fabric separates this jacket from the rest.

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Orvis Pro Insulated Hoodie

(Dom, Bill, Trevor)

We love this Orvis jacket for an insulating layer or an outer. It’s thin, but extremely warm. So it’s a great layer to stash in a pack or vest, just in case the weather turns. This is a great piece of gear.

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