Fish Hard, Friends


Good fishing friends are hard to find. But these guys are not only my best fishing buddies, they add their talents to Troutbitten, providing depth, humor, character and art.

These friends lend their ideas for the next tactic. They share a beer and a tailgate for the next story. They are constant supporters and builders of this Troutbitten project.

They are my trusted friends, and I’m forever thankful for their support.


Trevor and Austin, streamside. (Photo by Josh Darling)


Josh Darling owns Wilds Media. His logo and graphic designs appear across all Troutbitten channels.

His art, his eye, his style and taste are unmatched. Because Josh fishes hard, he sees from behind the lens like a fisherman.

He is Troutbitten’s videographer. He contributes photographs, and Josh is part of the podcast crew.



I met Austin Dando when he was president of the Penn State Fly Fishing Club. We called him Young Love, for his enthusiasm and passion for life.

Austin has many talents and interests, and he pursues each with dedicated curiosity.

Austin guides for Troutbitten, contributes photos and helps to edit these words. Austin is part of the podcast, and is our unofficial brewmaster.



Bill Dell fishes fast. He fishes often, and he fishes everywhere. He’s been through each of the stages of a fisherman (catch a fish, big fish, tough fish, etc.) too many times to count.

Bill is tactical on the water but practical. He’s a gear guy and a spreadsheet guy. And yet, he might hit the water tomorrow with just a few flies.

Bill guides for Troutbitten, contributes photos and is part of the podcast crew. He’s also the resident tech guy.


From the beginning, I found Matt Grobe to be beligerent, brash and opinionated. I loved it. Because he’s also kind, funny and open-minded.

Now located in Montana, Matt is our constant connection to the west. He’s part of the podcast crew and he contributes photos.

Matt also created the Troutbitten tradition of giving every two foot wild trout a name. And he’s caught more Namers  than anyone I know.


Dr. Trevor Smith skews the intelligence curve at Troutbitten. As a lifelong hunter and fisherman, as well as a former major and physician in the Air Force, Trevor has an applicable story or connection for every moment.

Trevor brings his wit and wisdom to the podcast group and contributes photographs.

Trevor is the only person I’ve ever fished with who is truly happier to see you catch a trout than to catch it himself.



My friendship with Steve goes back further than anyone else here. And he knows more about fishing than I ever will.

All the species, all the gear, all the styles, Sawyer is a tactician on the water. He’s also a gear junkie with an escalating problem.

Steve is the illustrator for Troutbitten, providing diagrams that educate in ways that my words cannot.



Pat Burke started Troubitten with me in 2014. It was a fishing blog in those early days. Pat wrote articles and provided pictures for the first year.

We learned together. Pat was the first fishing friend I met who shared endless questions and a deep desire to refine these  tactics.

On a fishing trip, Pat is intensely focused on one thing — the next fish.



John Burgos (Sloop John B) will put a smile on your face.

Sloop’s benovolence and humor is contagious. He’s just the kind of guy you want on your next fishing trip.

Always ready for an adventure and to eager to see what’s around the next bend, Sloop is a great fishing buddy.

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