These Troutbitten friends lend their words, photographs and ideas to the blog.

Pat Burke

Pat Burke helped start the Troutbitten blog in November of 2014 as a way to share the things we see and experience on the water. Burke wrote blog posts for a year, and he now contributes as a photographer. Pat is the father of two boys and is dedicated to his family. He’s also the best big-fish-fisherman you’ll ever meet. If you catch the trout of a lifetime, Pat will catch a bigger one by the end of the trip.

Matt Grobe

Matt Grobe is a belligerent bastard. Until recently, Grobe lived in Western Pennsylvania and we fished together a good bit. Since his move to Montana, he constantly brags that he’s living in a trout paradise, where all the trout are wild and the rivers are endless. What a bastard. Matt also writes the blog, Grobe Anglers and Adventures.

Dick Jones

Yup, that’s a picture of what we call the “Unreal Musky.” Jones is easily one of the most educated fishermen I know, and his collection of gear is so large that he needs spreadsheets to keep track of it. No joke. Whether gear rod or fly rod, Jones has a knack for tying it all together. Dick Jones creates the illustrations for the Tactics section of Troutbitten. He’s also the most fun person I’ve ever shared the water with.

John Burgos

“Sloop John B” is a generous friend who ties many of the Troutbitten relationships together. Light-hearted and full of the best fishing stories, Sloop is the kind of fishing companion everyone wants on the next trip. John is secretary of the Dame Juliana League of Fly Fishers.

Chase Howard

Chase Howard seems to have two opposing passions: chasing brook trout as long as your finger, or brown trout as long as your leg. He writes the blog, Dirt Roads and Blue Lines. Chase is also the president of Seneca Valley Trout Unlimited.

Bill Dell

Bill Dell is fishing when you aren’t. He drives further and more frequently to find trout than anyone I know, so it’s no wonder he’s a fish-catching machine. In his spare time, Dell goes fishing again.

Chris Rocketship Kehres

Rocket is the kind of guy who fishes for whatever swims. Any riverbank within a reasonable radius of driving distance has some of Rocket’s boot tracks on it. He’s just a dirty fisherman.

Austin Dando

Austin Dando is an idealist. And that dreamy optimism has earned him his Troutbitten nickname, “Young Love.” It’s good to have people like Austin in company. Dando’s vision is authentic. He is president of the Penn State Fly Fishing Club.