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Where do you want to go?  What do you want to learn?  What do you want to catch?


I offer guided fly fishing trips to the storied waters of Central Pennsylvania: Spring Creek, Penns Creek, Little Juniata River, Fishing Creek and others.

This area of Pennsylvania is full of wild brown trout and native brook trout. Each river has its own mystery, its own gifts and its own set of challenges. I don’t guide any setups — no private clubs or stocked fish. These are wild, wonderful trout that teach you the right skills.

The limestone streams of Central Pennsylvania provide consistent flows all year long. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, the constant flows of limestone springs offer a nutrient rich, stable habitat for trout and year-round opportunities for fly fishers. All of these rivers feature Catch and Release regulations for much of their length.


Spring Creek

Spring Creek is the quintessential classroom on the water. With Catch and Release regs from top to bottom, Spring is easily wadeable, has the most stable flows in the region, and there’s a trout behind every rock — usually two.


Penns Creek

With its special regs waters tucked deep into the state forest lands of Pennsylvania, Penns Creek is flat out gorgeous. Limestone influenced, with a freestone feel, Penns holds some of the best wild brown trout fishing in the state. Its reputation as a “bug factory” is well deserved, and the stellar hatches feed big, healthy wild brown trout.


Little Juniata River

Under Catch and Release regulations for the last decade, the Little J has grown into one of Pennsylvania’s premier wild trout streams. It has a wonderful mix of riffles, runs and pools. “The creek with all those old railroad bridges” is full of willing trout for ambitious anglers.


Fishing Creek

Fishing Creek (Clinton County) is perhaps the most challenging of the Central Pennsylvania limestoners. But while the trout are selective, the rewards are within reach. The special regs area tumbles through a steep valley. Narrow and shaded, the cool, nutrient rich waters are full of the bugs that trout eat. It’s the perfect formula.


More Waters

Beyond the big names are hidden treasures. And the neighboring counties offer an abundance of opportunity.

These perhaps lesser-known rivers each have their own particular charms. From the wild and winding upper reaches of the feeder streams, to the wide flats of the big freestone rivers, there’s something new to be discovered in every water. And trout are everywhere to be found.





Where do you want to go?  What do you want to learn?  What do you want to catch?


You can tell me, “Let’s go fish Spring Creek,” and we’ll do that. With over two decades spent fishing and exploring this region, I know these rivers well.

But is there something specific that you want to learn? Something new to try on the water? What do you want to do out there?



Specialized Trips


Mono Rig Masterclass

The Mono Rig is a hybrid system for fishing nymphs (both tight line and indicator styles), streamers, dry-dropper, wets, and small dries, with twenty pound monofilament as a fly line substitute. I’ve written about it extensively on Troutbitten, and in one trip I can show you all the variations of the Mono Rig.


Night Fishing Trips

Fly fishing at night is the most unusual, unique thing I’ve ever learned on a fly rod. So much is different about the night game that it helps to have a jump start. Anglers willing to walk into the dark for a trout are a rare breed. But if you want an exciting experience like none other, let’s go night fishing. (Night trips start about an hour before dusk, providing a chance to explore and develop a mental picture of the water you’ll fish after dark.)


Streamer Focus

Around here, successfully fishing streamers requires a dedicated and persistent approach. Our trout rarely fall all over themselves to chase a streamer, and it takes a combination of finding the right tactics and covering water with a disciplined approach. I’ve written a lot about streamers, and I’m happy to share these techniques and philosophies with you.






Full Day Trips (8 hours) — One or Two Anglers  $550

Full days include lunch and beverages.


Flies, tippets and leaders are provided for all trips.

Gratuity not included.




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 Domenick Swentosky

Where do you want to go?  What do you want to learn?  What do you want to catch?


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