This is what we fish with, season after season . . .

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This gear list has been updated to include favorites from the Troutbitten crew — that’s Austin, Bill, Matt, Trevor and Josh. These are the guys you hear on the Troutbitten Podcast. You can find their short bios on the Contributors Page.

This is all gear that we’ve used extensively and believe in. This is what we fish with, season after season.

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Custom. That’s the important word. And having your own set of flies, tied just the way you like, is the key reason for rolling your own. Custom flies are confidence flies. The slight variations on a Pheasant Tail Nymph that a fly tyer wraps onto the hook are what make the flies more personal, more individual and ultimately more effective. We fish our own patterns with more conviction, certain that our adjustments and refinements are what make this fly a fish-catcher.

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Griffin Montana Mongoose

(Dom, Austin, Josh)

This wonderful vise does it all and comes with everything. The jaw design is simple and powerful. For us, this the best vise on the market.

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Renzetti Traveler

(Bill, Matt)

An industry standard, this is one of the most popular vises in the world for good reason. Solid, reliable, smooth and simple.

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Regal Revolution


The Revolution combines ultimate hook-holding power and true in-line rotary function. All of the vises in the Revolution Series revolve around a 360-degree axis and articulate 220 degree vertically.

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Danica Danvise


True rotary at about $100. Jaw design is similar to the Mongoose. Fantastic value in a vise.

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