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The Dirty Fisherman

March 22, 2018
I walked around the bend and saw his blue truck, but I couldn’t see Gabe until the lean man sat up. He stretched and slid slowly off the tailgate, onto his feet and into his sandals. The climbing sun made the blue paint of his pickup bed too hot, and when the shadows were gone, the dirty fisherman’s rest was finished.

Gabe leaned back on the hot paint again and grabbed the duffel that he used for a pillow. The faded bag was stuffed with clothes: some stained, some clean, and most half-worn-out. He pulled a thin, long-sleeved shirt from the bag and changed, tossing his wet t-shirt toward a damp pile of gear by the truck tires. The long sleeves were his sunscreen; the beard protected his face; the frayed hat covered his head, and the amber sunglasses filled the gap in between.

Gabe was a trout bum. Not the shiny magazine-ad version of a trout bum either, but the true embodiment of John Geirach's term: authentic, dirty, and dedicated to a lifestyle without even thinking much about it. He fished on his own terms. He was a part-time fishing guide for the family business and a part-time waiter. We never talked much about work, though. I just know that Gabe's life was fishing, and everything else was a cursory, minor distraction.

Ask an Expert Tips/Tactics

Ask Landon Mayer | One key habit of BIG trout, and the flies to match

August 29, 2017

Big trout are on the lookout for non-escaping prey. Yes, even the largest trout in a river would rather snatch an easy meal that won’t run away from them….

Stories Tips/Tactics

Backcast | Take Five

June 10, 2017

Here’s one from the Troutbitten archives, an on-the-water story with one of my favorite tips stuck in the middle.
Take Five
… The lack of production today is killing me. I’ve…

Streamers Tips/Tactics

Streamers as an Easy Meal — The Old School Streamer Thing

January 18, 2017

So far this winter my nymphing game has been a little off — the numbers aren’t there. Maybe it’s me and maybe it’s the fish, but either way, my…


What Moves a Trout to the Fly?

November 29, 2016

I recently wrote a short piece about what trout eat, where I argued that a handful of flies will get the job done on a daily basis no matter where you…