March 2016

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Take Five

March 23, 2016

2:15 pm.

Conditions are perfect and the trout should be active, but I’ve caught so few fish that I still know the slim count. Six. That’s four wild browns and two…

Fly Fishing Strategies Tips/Tactics

Fly Fishing Strategies: Tags and Trailers

March 18, 2016

Sometimes trout are feeding so aggressively that the particular intricacies of how nymphs are attached to the line seem like a trivial waste of time. Those are rare, memorable…


Fair-weather or foul-weather | Troutbitten on Hatch Magazine

March 5, 2016

Hatch Magazine published an article that I wrote. You can find it here.

“Truth is, most diehard fishermen aren’t all that diehard. A…