July 2017

Fifty Tips Tips/Tactics

Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #1 – Fish More

July 31, 2017

You should fish more. No, really. You should fish a lot more. Yeah, I know that family, work and the unfortunate surprises of life keep us away from the…

Commentary Stories

What happened to Laurel Run? The story of a stocked trout stream and a fisherman

July 26, 2017
. . . Laurel Run was heavily stocked with trout in those days. The arrival of the big white trucks was an event in itself, and each year we volunteered to float-stock the forested section between road crossings. If it wasn’t float-stocked, all the hatchery plants sent by the state to Laurel Run ended up at the bridges, making an artificial situation seem even more counterfeit.

I didn’t think of it as fake or artificial back then. It was just trout fishing. It was part of my Pennsylvania surroundings, and a place where the water remained cool enough for trout all summer long. But the raised PH level from acid mine drainage made the cool water insignificant for the reproduction of wild trout.

So we float-stocked it, and through the middle of May, the fishing was always good. A couple weekends into trout season, most fishermen accepted the deadbeat line that Laurel Run was “fished out.” But that’s just when the fishing got interesting . . .


Backcast | Wild vs Stocked : The Hierarchy of Trout in Pennsylvania

July 25, 2017

With the Pennsylvania Wild Trout Summit just around the corner, this article is a good one to think about.
Wild vs Stocked : The Hierarchy of Trout in Pennsylvania
— –…


The Pennsylvania Wild Trout Summit is Coming

July 20, 2017

Wild trout are the heart of Troutbitten. We chase these fish so we can be part of the extraordinary places where they’re found, if just for a little while….


Tight Line Tips — Stop the Mono Pull-Through on the Fly Reel

July 19, 2017

All good things come with consequences. It’s life’s way of keeping us grounded, I guess, making us work for the very best things and helping us appreciate what’s nearly…