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Night Fishing Tips/Tactics

Night Fishing for Trout — Drifting and Swinging Flies

August 5, 2018
Night fishing with a fly rod isn’t for beginners. Rather, it’s for the well-seasoned angler who doesn’t mind feeling like he’s green again. Enough is different about the night game that your whole system seems turned upside down. Trout hold in peculiar places and behave in strange ways. Flies that you’d never consider in the daylight become your new confidence patterns after dark. And your tippet isn’t really tippet anymore — it’s a chunk of thick, stiff monofilament, designed for setting the hook hard and holding on.
Fly Casting Tips/Tactics

Dry flies need slack. So give it to ’em, George Harvey style

June 30, 2017

Hatch Magazine published my article today: Dry flies need slack. So Give it to ’em, George Harvey style.

It’s about using George Harvey’s leader concepts to give the dry…