Troutbitten Podcast — Episode 2: How to Handle a Trout

My friends join me for a great conversation on a most important topic: safe catch and release practices, from hooking a trout to letting it go. Because if the goal of catch and release is to put a trout back and catch it again, then we want to ensure that the health of the fish remains intact . . .

Fly Fishing Tips: The Order of Everything

A lot goes into a good fishing trip. It’s a flexible framework of pieces and parts mixed in with a little fortuitous intuition. That first trout to the net is rarely luck. And when you start to lose count of how many fish have come to hand, you can be sure that luck has had very little to do with it.

We like to dig into the details of fly fishing. How fast should we lead a pair of nymphs on a tight line? What streamer-head-angle produces best for a medium retrieve in flat water? But the overarching principles of how to catch a trout — the headers of the outline — are these . . .

The Best Fly Rods for the Mono Rig and Euro Nymphing — My Favorite Rods

Choosing a fly rod that’s perfect for the Mono Rig and euro nymphing starts with knowing your goals. How versatile do you want to be?

From the best all-around fly rod that’s ready to handle nymphs, streamers and more on a long leader, to specialized euro nymphing rods and dedicated streamer rods, here are my favorite tools for fishing the Mono Rig . . .

Podcasts Begin — Episode 1: This Is Troutbitten

In this inaugural Troutbitten podcast, my friends Bill, Austin, Trevor and Josh join me to discuss how fly fishing for wild trout creates a life on the water.

We consider what it means to fish hard, how hope is the strongest trait of a successful angler, why everything works sometimes, and how fly fishers, all too often, are a little much.

We also talk about the tenets of Troutbitten, or the shared interests and characteristics about fly fishing that bring us together and keep us excited about trout fishing for a lifetime . . .

Angler Types in Profile: The I’ve been doing that forever guy

Fly fishing is full of it — full of anglers who take themselves too seriously, and full of others who support it. Everyone knows everything . . .

So as fly fishing churns out newish concepts like articulated streamers and euro nymphing, it’s no wonder there’s some resistance to it all. No wonder  at every turn we find guys with arms folded, shaking their heads and saying, “Nah, I’ve been doing that forever. . .”

Fishing With Kids — The Independence Marker

At thirteen years old, he has enough experience with the woods and water that I don’t think twice about dropping him off to fish for the evening, awaiting his call when he’s either fished out or it’s getting dark. When I pick him up, he’s full of excitement and stories, or he is calm and peaceful in a way that I don’t often see him. I let him be, in those times, and allow the experience for him to soak in, as he processes a return to the world after a long outing. Leaving the water to rejoin life is sometimes a hard turn.

Kids soak in the rhythms of nature. And later in life, maybe around twelve years old, that base of experience pays off . . .

Night Fishing for Trout –The Wiggle and Hang

Lifting the rod slightly, I shake the rod tip left and right. Easy, rhythmically, I wiggle the tip and feel the line wave as I see it dance and glow in the dark. The fly shimmies and sends a pattern of waves through the surface and beyond, calling to any trout within who-knows-how-far.

Pick One Water Type and Fish It

Fishing all the water ahead of me is my favorite way to fish, but I don’t do it all the time. In fact, I probably don’t fish that way even half the time. Instead, I often stay with one rig for hours on end, and I skip all the water where that rig isn’t the best option.

Setting aside a day, or even a long morning, to work with one rig in one water type, skipping over everything that isn’t a good match, really pays off . . .

Troutbitten Full Mono Rig Kit


Out of stock

** NOTICE **  The Full Mono Rig Kit is currently out of stock. We’ll tie more. Check back soon, and thank you for your support! 

The Troutbitten Full Mono Rig Kit includes all three Mono Rigs: Standard, Thin and Micro-Thin. The Standard Mono Rig is an extremely versatile tool for the tight line angler, built for fishing tight line and euro nymphing styles, indicator styles, dry dropper, streamers of all sizes, wet flies and even dry flies. The Thin and Micro-Thin leaders are specialized tools for tight line and euro nymphing, especially when line sag must be avoided at cross stream angles or at longer distances.

These are the leaders I’ve written about extensively on Troutbitten.

Please visit the these pages for descriptions of each:

In the kit:

  • Troutbitten Standard, Thin, and Micro-Thin Mono Rig.
  • Each Mono Rig come on a three-inch plastic spool, perfect for storing long leaders.
  • Tippet rings and sighters built into each sighter.
  • Standard Rig Includes two feet of 1X Rio Bi-Color. Add this to extend the sighter for a longer sagless reach with lighter flies.
  • Standard Rig includes three rigging foams, for swapping and storing tippet sections: two nymphs, a pair of streamers, dry dropper, etc. (Rigging foam colors may vary.)
  • Leader concludes at the end of the sighter. Angler adds appropriate length of tippet.

Also Offered: All three Troutbitten Mono Rigs are available individually.

Learn more at these Troutbitten articles:

Design and Function of the Troutbitten Standard Mono Rig
The Full Mono Rig System — All the variations with formulas and adjustments
Thin and Micro-Thin Leaders for Euro Nymphing and the Mono Rig
Beyond Euro Nymphing

Fishing With Kids — Connections

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Play It As It Lies

On a familiar piece of river, Joey and I waded cautiously upstream. My young son had already seen a few good-sized trout that spooked from the disturbance of his boots. At ten years old, he well understood a trout’s window of vision but was still learning that pushing...

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Fly Shop Fluorocarbon too expensive? Try InvizX

** Note ** This Troutbitten article replaces one from 2019 about Seaguar Finesse. Seaguar halted production of Finesse in 2020, and after much searching, fishing and testing, along with the Troutbitten crew, I've landed on InvizX as my go-to choice for terminal...

That’s Not a Dead Drift

Fly fishers talk a lot about a dead drift. And why shouldn’t we? So much of our time is spent trying to replicate this elusive presentation that the concept of drifting flies without influence from the leader dictates a large part of what we do. It’s what we think...

Troutbitten Fly Box — The Bunny Bullet Sculpin

In a world of oversized, articulated streamers drenched in flash and draped with rubber legs, the Bunny Bullet is naturally sized and tied on a single hook — with just a little disco. If the average modern streamer is an exotic dancer, then the Bunny Bullet is a...

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