Troutbitten Standard Sighter


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This is the Standard Troutbitten Sighter tied with 12 lb Red Amnesia (.012”) and 10 lb Gold Stren (.011”). It is 24” long and includes high quality, black 1.5 mm tippet rings on both ends. This sighter features a Backing Barrel with a tag, for amazing visibility and another dimension of sensitivity to the sighter.

This sighter is designed to be stiffer than most. The materials carry more power than standard bi-color tippet materials, so the sighter pushes more. It casts better and more accurately. It’s a versatile solution for the angler who uses tight line, euro or mono rigs as a hybrid fly fishing system. This is a great sighter for fishing dry dropper, tight line to the indicator style or streamers. It functions well for pure tight lining, and can be used as a bridge sighter, easily adding bi-color material to the top of the tippet section as an extension while fishing lighter nymphs with less line sag.

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