Troutbitten Hi-Viz Red Standard Mono Rig


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A Hi-Viz Red version of the Standard. The Troutbitten Standard Mono Rig is an extremely versatile tool for the tight line angler. It is the base of a hybrid fly fishing system, built for fishing tight line and euro nymphing styles, indicator styles, dry dropper, streamers of all sizes, wet flies and even dry flies.

This is the leader I’ve written about extensively on Troutbitten.

And here’s an article about the Hi-Viz Red, specifically.

  • Troutbitten Standard Sighter (with Backing Barrel) is built in.
  • Includes a high quality, black, 1.5 mm tippet ring at the end of the Standard Sighter.
  • Leader concludes at the end of the sighter. Angler adds appropriate length of tippet.
  • Includes two feet of 1X Bi-Color. Add this to extend the sighter for a longer sagless reach with lighter flies.
  • Comes on a three-inch plastic spool, perfect for storing long leaders.
  • Includes three rigging foams, for swapping and storing tippet sections: two nymphs, a pair of streamers, dry dropper, etc. (Rigging foam colors may vary.)

Also Offered: All three Troutbitten Mono Rigs are available as a full kit — found HERE. (Not Hi-Viz Red)

Learn more at this Troutbitten article:

Design and Function of the Troutbitten Standard Mono Rig
The Full Mono Rig System — All the variations with formulas and adjustments
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