Fish Hard, Drink Beer Sticker


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Fish Hard — It’s a Troutbitten cornerstone concept that has become a mantra. Get after it. Go get it. Know what you’re working on and try to improve at every bend and undercut. Fish the water that others won’t. Get there early and stay late, because this kind of mindset leads you to new challenges and presents the next puzzle to solve, day after day. Then by improving your skills, more water opens up, and the experience deepens.

And after a long walk out, when river exhaustion has set in and we know we’ve earned it, a beer from the cooler is waiting.

Fish Hard — Drink Beer. This sticker is a collaboration with New Trail Brewing Company, Troutbitten’s favorite brewery.

READ: Troutbitten | Fifty Tips #50 — Fish Hard

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  • Sticker is 3X2.75 inches
  • Printed with a UV and weather resistant finish
  • This Troutbitten sticker serves as a good reminder to fish hard and have fun out there.

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