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The miles of river around you might seem endless, like you could fish for the rest of your life and never see it all. But given a couple decades of hard fishing, you may start to feel quite the opposite. The twisting rivers and rambling streams become your home. And each one within the perimeter of a reasonable driving distance is mentally marked as either explored and fishy or explored and fishless. Until eventually, the list of the unexplored disappears.

And to sustain a sense of adventure, your urge to reconsider the marginal water overtakes your parallel urge to go for the sure thing. Hunting for places beyond the obvious spots on the map becomes part of what you do, not only on fishing trips, but on your days off too.

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  • Sticker is 4X5 inches
  • Printed with a UV and weather resistant finish
  • When mounted as a window decal on your vehicle, a Troutbitten sticker serves as inspiration to go fishing instead of running errands, every time you get in the car.

The Pulley Retrieve (with VIDEO)

** NOTE ** A video for the Pulley Retrieve appears below. Recover more line, and recover it smoother. Why not, right? Sounds good. Last week my friend, Mark, stood calf-deep and fifteen feet off the bank, at the back end of the tailout. Early winter flows were running...

15 Knot Tying Tips (with VIDEO)

Being a versatile angler comes down to changing things. And on the river, that means tying knots. Maybe the situation calls for a fly change, requiring just one knot. But maybe we need to change leaders and tie a few knots to rebuild a tippet section, modifying it to...

Calm and Chaos

Some of it winds and bends in line with tall grasses in the breeze. This is meandering meadow water that glistens and swoons against the low angles of a fading sun. Trout thrive here, protected in the deep cool pockets, among shade-lines that are artfully formed by...

When Gear Gets In the Way

Years ago, I caught more trout than I do now. I’m sure of it. I have all kinds of excuses for that, if you like. I enjoy buckling down and trying to force a fish to eat in the best spots. I like changing and A/B testing flies or tactics, just to see what happens. So I...

Fly Fishing with Streamers on the Mono Rig — More Control and More Contact

John looked befuddled as I took a step downstream and launched another cast bankside, with the long leader and a pair of streamers. “How far out can you cast that," my friend asked. “About fifty feet," I told him. "And I have full control of the streamers, all the way...

Streamside | Dave Rothrock’s Drop Shot Video

The Troutbitten Streamside series is a chance to step away from the normal, weekly lineup of stories and tactics. Most often, these Streamside articles share something from around the fly fishing community that I'm certain will be valuable to Troutbitten readers. And...

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