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The miles of river around you might seem endless, like you could fish for the rest of your life and never see it all. But given a couple decades of hard fishing, you may start to feel quite the opposite. The twisting rivers and rambling streams become your home. And each one within the perimeter of a reasonable driving distance is mentally marked as either explored and fishy or explored and fishless. Until eventually, the list of the unexplored disappears.

And to sustain a sense of adventure, your urge to reconsider the marginal water overtakes your parallel urge to go for the sure thing. Hunting for places beyond the obvious spots on the map becomes part of what you do, not only on fishing trips, but on your days off too.

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  • Sticker is 4X5 inches
  • Printed with a UV and weather resistant finish
  • When mounted as a window decal on your vehicle, a Troutbitten sticker serves as inspiration to go fishing instead of running errands, every time you get in the car.

Fly Fishing Strategies — Look for the Changeout Spots

You’re working through the river, wading upstream or down, aiming for dead drifts or otherwise. And you’re moving, covering water and searching for active trout while trying to draw every possible insight from the experience. You learn with each step, with every cast,...

Dry Fly Fishing — Back Door, Side Door, Front Door | When the first cast matters most: Part Two

** This is Part Two of a Troutbitten short series. But it also reads well as a stand alone dry fly piece. Find Part One HERE. ** A fly touches the water with a trout in the area, and a few different things can happen. Ideally, the fish sees the fly, buys our...

Q&A: Active Drifting vs Dead Drifting

Here’s another installment in the Q&A series. I’ve received a bunch of questions under this topic in the last few weeks, so here we go . . . Question John Morrison emailed me. Hello Dom, In regard to underwater fishing, do you ever activate your dead drift?...

A Good Fishing Pace

Covering water effectively, easily changing from dry flies to streamers and then methodically working across a fifty-foot wide riffle — this is how we find our fishing pace. It’s the way we transition from one section of water to the next. It’s about how smoothly we...

Night Fishing for Trout: Know your water, and make a plan

** This Troutbitten article is part of the Night Fishing for Trout series. You can find the full list of articles here. ** I drove far back on the dirt roads with my boys this morning. We took the long way around. They got a kick out of some over-steering and gravel...

Slipping Contact — Tight Line and Euro Nymphing

We aim for dead drifts on a nymph, but we also aim to be in touch. We want the fly traveling naturally with the currents, but we also desire contact. Good nymphing is a paradox with no perfect resolution. Dead drifts on a dry fly are a simpler affair. Since the fly...

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