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Troutbitten on Dave Stewart’s Wet Fly Swing Podcast

I had a great conversation with Dave Stewart on his Wet Fly Swing podcast. We talked about streamers, nymphs, the Mono Rig and how Troutbitten has grown into a fly fishing company and become my full time career . . .

Troutbitten on the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast — Talking Streamers

Tom and I talked about streamers, mostly — about how fast the industry has moved into what I think of as the modern streamer code. And about how, in my mind, I juxtapose that with an old-school streamer style that (maybe) a lot of anglers have forgotten about . . .

Streamside | The Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center Online

I’m part of the last generation to learn things without the aid of the internet. When I taught myself to fly fish in the nineties, the web was in its infancy, so my tutelage happened through a few books, some magazine articles and a lot of trial and error — emphasis...

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