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Night Fishing Tips/Tactics

Night Fishing for Trout — People, Places and Things

July 11, 2018
The allure of night fishing arises from a mystery. We pursue unknowable things into the darkness and sort through the unpredictable behaviors of trout to catch them after the sun goes down. There are no experts in the night game, and that itself is what secures the puzzle — a simple lack of information. There is no treasure map after dark.

In large part, we fish because of what might happen. While night fishing, we begin to realize that anything can happen . . .

Night Fishing Stories

Night Shift — Tracks

January 19, 2018

** Note: This January 2015 post is rewritten and revisited here.
So many of our favorite waters are accompanied by railroad tracks, and walking the familiar but odd stride required…

Night Fishing Stories Tips/Tactics

Back in Black — The Night Shift

July 11, 2017

Night fishing requires some sacrifice. High catch rates are exchanged for a couple fish large enough to fill out the net — a hopeful bargain. Visual excitement is traded…

Night Fishing Philosophy Stories Tips/Tactics

Of Mice and Fishermen

June 26, 2017

Night fishing isn’t for everyone. And for that I’m thankful, because the prime attraction for me is solitude. I like the exquisite loneliness of the dark. Mix in the…