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Gear Review — Grip Studs are the Real Deal

September 9, 2018
Grip Studs are single point carbide tipped studs with an auger style bit. The result is sticky traction, incredible durability and studs that don't fall out. Simply put, they're the best studs I've ever used.

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It’s Wading, Not Walking

August 28, 2018
My ten-year-old son stumbled across the river. With each step he seemed on the brink of falling forward into the flow. Wide eyed and stiff-faced, Joey battled through the current, expecting all the while to fall in, but hoping and struggling against it. It seemed like he was trying to win a race, thinking he might outdistance the impending accident if he just moved fast enough . . .

Nothing in nature crosses the water like a fisherman in a hurry. We look so out of place, bumbling around in waders trying to find a foothold and fighting a battle with the river . . .