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The Aquaculture Culture (from Dirt Roads and Blue Lines)

May 4, 2018
This is too good to let pass. My friend Chase Howard restarted and rejuvenated his blog, Dirt Roads and Blue Lines. And recently, he penned a short commentary on the state of the stocked vs wild trout situation in Pennsylvania.

Chase calls the stocked trout syndrome "The Aquaculture Culture," and his choice of words is appropriate. There truly is an ingrained culture. Many Pennsylvanian's have grown to expect (and feel they deserve) stocked trout in their local creeks, not because the creek can't support wild trout and not because there isn't already a wild trout population that would thrive if given a chance. No, the Aquaculture Culture expects and downright demands stocked trout in the creek because that's the way it's always been, in their lifetime.

As I've argued countless times here on Troutbitten, stocked trout do have a place in Pennsylvania. Our state hatcheries should continue to raise trout and stock them in streams that cannot and do not already support wild trout. I'm thankful for stocked trout. I caught my limit of stocked fish today . . .

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