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100 Day Gear Review: Orvis Pro Waders

Orvis built a pair of waders that have lasted one-hundred hard days on the water (and counting) — with no leaks or seam failures. That is impressive. I’ve owned waders from all the major brands, and I’ve never come close to this kind of durability in waders before.

Here’s what’s good and bad about the Orvis Pro waders . . .

Troutbitten on the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast — Talking Streamers

Tom and I talked about streamers, mostly — about how fast the industry has moved into what I think of as the modern streamer code. And about how, in my mind, I juxtapose that with an old-school streamer style that (maybe) a lot of anglers have forgotten about . . .

Streamside | The Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center Online

I’m part of the last generation to learn things without the aid of the internet. When I taught myself to fly fish in the nineties, the web was in its infancy, so my tutelage happened through a few books, some magazine articles and a lot of trial and error — emphasis...

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