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The Troutbitten Podcast Crew (winter, 2021) Austin, Trevor, Josh, Dom and Bill. (Missing is Matt Grobe)

In the fall of 2021, I started the Troutbitten Podcast. And what I’d thought of for years as a back burner project quickly became my primary focus.

Immediately after launch, the Troutbitten Podcast hit the top of the Wilderness Podcast Charts and became the number one independent fishing podcast in the states. It has held there ever since.

The podcast succeeds because of my friends, my co-hosts — my best fishing buddies. They are Austin Dando, Trevor Smith, Josh Darling, Bill Dell and Matt Grobe.

By breaking away from the industry-standard podcast formula of guest interviews, the Troutbitten Podcast is something different. These guys, their ideas, their collective experience and comradery are all that any episode needs.

Troutbitten Podcast seasons follow two distinctly different formats, alternating every other season.

The odd-numbered seasons are longer, free-form discussions on any fly fishing topic, ranging from tactical to ethical. While the even numbered seasons feature a Skills Series that narrowly focuses on one set of fly fishing skills.

Yes, Troutbitten


I’ve listened to nearly all of these podcasts. As a lifelong angler and avid follower of Domenick’s prolific writings on his Troutbitten website, the podcast is a great companion to and from the river. For anyone who wants to go to the next level in fly fishing – start at the beginning and listen to all of the podcasts. You will have a master class in being a versatile all-season trout angler. Then follow up with companion articles on the website. Troutbitten is just a fantastic resource.

A Priceless Resource


This podcast is full of excellent content that is presented by entertaining host. These guys cover a wide variety of topics in great detail while also adding a touch of humor. They don’t derail the show with corny humor or over romanticization. If you are looking for a podcast to learn practical, actionable information this is it.

Best Fly Fishing Podcast

CTL44, 08/17/2022

Great podcast for any style of fly fishing. Many great tips and tricks to make your time on the water more productive. Pretty funny crew to listen to as well

Changing How I Fish

Everhix, 05/08/2022

I found this podcast through the troutbitten website where I poured over the articles daily. This podcast has changed the way I handle my gear, approach the water, think about trout and insects, and even how I land a fish. This is good stuff, whether you are new to fly fishing or been at it a few years like me. There is always more to learn and here is where to learn it. Thanks for creating this!


RT190, 06/21/2022

Troutbitten is a great resource of information and reading, I just found and listened to a few podcast I’m so happy I found ya. Domenick has a phenomenal resource for people pursuing flyfishing beginner or the advanced he and his team continue to impress.

Having this podcast is like being in a conversation with friends I haven’t met. So thankful to Troutbitten. Keep up the great resource.


The Troutbitten Podcast is easily found in any podcast player. Just search with your app, and you’ll find it.

Also, find a full list of the podcast archives, download them or listen directly HERE.

Finally, every Troutbitten Podcast episode is listed here below.

Thanks for listening.

PODCAST: Fish It Anyway — A Story

PODCAST: Fish It Anyway — A Story

I watched Smith walk toward the access, toward home, toward the rest of life — into the lights, into the warmth, into the friendships. I stayed with the river and remained alone — pensive in the rain, resolute in the wind . . .

PODCAST: Catching Up — Spring 2023

PODCAST: Catching Up — Spring 2023

Season Seven will begin on April 10th. But in between seasons, I want to catch you up on a few things that are going on with Troutbitten.

Just a few years ago, Troutbitten was the website only. I wrote and published articles three times a week. Now it’s a multi-media company with many branches — there’s the podcast, the videos, the online shop, hosted events and, of course, the guide business.

Here’s what’s going on in the Troutbitten world . . .

PODCAST: Winter Skills Series, #8: Full Crew Conversation — S6, Ep8

PODCAST: Winter Skills Series, #8: Full Crew Conversation — S6, Ep8

Here we are at the end of Season 6 — the Troutbitten Winter Skills Series. This is episode 8 of the series, with a full crew of friends to wrap things up, to hear some stories and dig into a few more tips for fly fishing in the winter months.

This is a great conversation with my best fishing friends. And this discussion is a nice endcap on a full season dedicated to fly fishing in the winter months.

PODCAST: Winter Skills Series, #7: Problems and Solutions — S6, Ep7

PODCAST: Winter Skills Series, #7: Problems and Solutions — S6, Ep7

There are a host of reasons that anglers stay home in the winter. Some are legitimate — there’s no good solution for the problem, and you learn to deal with it the best you can. We talk about some of those. But other perceived problems really aren’t much of an issue at all, if you have a plan and a solution. We address a few of those too.

Podcast: Fishing Buddies — S5, Ep12

Podcast: Fishing Buddies — S5, Ep12

For the finale of Season Five on the Troutbitten Podcast and to wrap up 2022, we’re closing the curtain with an episode about fishing buddies — why we need them, how to find them and how to keep them for a lifetime.

Podcast: What To Trust — S5, Ep11

Podcast: What To Trust — S5, Ep11

With so many sources in easy reach, sorting through the flood of information can be overwhelming. How do you weigh the value or the validity of these sources? What should you trust? How do you sift through the overflowing bank of information and find what works?

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