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PODCAST: Prospecting for Trout — S11, Ep10

Prospecting is a strategy for covering water. It’s about pace. The truth is, we’re searching for something on every cast, no matter what our approach is. But what we call prospecting is a bit different. It’s about canvassing an area, casting a wider net, searching for that next fish and then the next one. Then we take that data about where and how trout are feeding, and we use it to inform our next decision.

PODCAST: The Airing of Grievances Three — S11, Ep9

Complaining is not a bad thing if it accomplishes something productive — or if it’s kinda fun. Or if it draws attention to some of the absurdities around you.

Some things need to change. Because there are plenty of influences and influencers leading us all down a road to nowhere, or really, to a place that loses the depth of this fishing experience — of what we love about the woods and the water in the first place.

Whatever you believe, take a stand for it. That’s what we try to do here with the Airing of Grievances.

PODCAST: Set the Hook! All About Different Hooksets — S11, Ep8

There are many different ways to set the hook while fly fishing for trout, because there are many different ways to fish for those trout. One size does not fit all. So we adapt our hook sets to suit the situation.

Troutbitten LIVESTREAM with Guest, Tom Rosenbauer On YouTube

On Wednesday June 5th at 8:00 p.m. EST, the next Troutbitten LIVESTREAM Podcasts features Tom Rosenbauer as our guest.  Join us and be part of the conversation. This LIVESTREAM is a conversation around stocked trout and club water.

PODCAST: A Troutbitten Glossary — S9, Ep10

PODCAST: A Troutbitten Glossary — S9, Ep10

Here are a bunch of Troutbitten terms, words, sayings, phrases and idioms. What do they all mean? Here we go.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own group of long-time fishing friends, then I’m sure you have your own phrases too — your own idioms and ways of talking about things. It’s all a lot of fun . . .

PODCAST: How Has Fly Fishing Changed? — S9, Ep1

PODCAST: How Has Fly Fishing Changed? — S9, Ep1

Everything changes. That’s the only constant. And in the fly fishing world, the tactics, the gear and how we share all of this information changes, even though what the trout eat and how they eat it pretty much stays the same.

That time frame, that snapshot, from where you entered the fly fishing world, shapes what you do on the water. And it’s amazing what just twenty calendar years does to that snapshot. Because a lot of your understanding about what is common, accepted or frowned upon is shaped right away, as you start researching and learning about this fishing thing that eventually becomes a big part of your life.

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