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PODCAST: How Woodsmanship Catches Fish — S11, Ep6

There’s an intangible quality built into the best anglers. It’s about being comfortable and natural around the water. It’s about having an instinct and a guiding intuition on a river that informs decision without even giving it much thought. It’s an innate knowledge of the environment and what will happen next. Knowledge of the woods, water, weather and the trout comes together with ease and adds up to something that is hard to identify.

PODCAST: Boat Fishing — How Everything Changes When Floating a River — S11, Ep5

It’s the companionship and teamwork, along with the effort and commitment required to get down the river. It’s about a good lunch and friendly banter as much as the novel approach to tactics and the pure advantage of accessing more water.

From the put in to the take out, boating changes everything. It’s a wonderful way to learn a river and to connect with friends.

PODCAST: What’s the Deal With Emergers? — S11, Ep4

From the bottom to the top, when the bugs transform from water born to airborne, meeting the with an emerger often sells the presentation.

Our conversation in this episode covers those emergences . . .

PODCAST: The Ethics of Guiding — More Harm Than Good? — S11, Ep3

My friends join me for a tough discussion. What are the benefits of guiding? What are the good things? How does it help anglers? Does it actually help people and make our sport or this fishing scene better, or does it just put money in the guide’s pocket and put more pressure on the trout?

PODCAST: A Troutbitten Glossary — S9, Ep10

PODCAST: A Troutbitten Glossary — S9, Ep10

Here are a bunch of Troutbitten terms, words, sayings, phrases and idioms. What do they all mean? Here we go.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own group of long-time fishing friends, then I’m sure you have your own phrases too — your own idioms and ways of talking about things. It’s all a lot of fun . . .

PODCAST: How Has Fly Fishing Changed? — S9, Ep1

PODCAST: How Has Fly Fishing Changed? — S9, Ep1

Everything changes. That’s the only constant. And in the fly fishing world, the tactics, the gear and how we share all of this information changes, even though what the trout eat and how they eat it pretty much stays the same.

That time frame, that snapshot, from where you entered the fly fishing world, shapes what you do on the water. And it’s amazing what just twenty calendar years does to that snapshot. Because a lot of your understanding about what is common, accepted or frowned upon is shaped right away, as you start researching and learning about this fishing thing that eventually becomes a big part of your life.

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