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PODCAST: Night Fishing for Trout — Nymphs, Wets and Pushers — S8, Ep6

We’re finishing this series with nymphs, wets and the Harvey Pusher Night flies. We discuss rigging and tactics for each of these fly types, where to fish them and how our presentations might differ at night from what we do in the daylight . . .

PODCAST: Night Fishing for Trout — Topwater, Emergers and Streamers — S8, Ep5

This is the episode you’ve all been waiting for. Tonight, we talk about fishing the top water. And yes, that means mouse patterns — sometimes. We also dig into a fly style that we feel is often more effective, the mouse emerger concept at night. And we talk about fishing streamers after dark . . .

PODCAST: Night Fishing for Trout — Planning and Adapting Locations and Tactics — S8, Ep4

Where are the trout, and how are they feeding?

Building flexibility into our plans helps solve these questions. It’s our willingness to adapt, to walk around the bend, to work upstream instead of down or to clip off the top water pattern and rig up for wet flies — that’s what helps answer questions and put trout in the net.

PODCAST: Night Fishing for Trout — Swinging and Drifting — S8, Ep3

There’s a lot of variety within these two categories. There are many ways to do both. And every fly type may seem to have its best or most effective presentation, drifting or swinging, but when that’s not working, the first and easiest thing to do, before changing the fly type, is to simply change the direction the flies are fished, from swinging to drifting or vice versa . . .

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