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In many ways and for many fly fishing systems, the leader is the most critical component to success. And since 2014, I’ve spilled a lot of words on Troutbitten over the intricacies of nylon and fluorocarbon tied together.

I’m a leader junkie. And I’m not the only one. Most fly anglers quickly learn that the leader — and how it’s modified — dictates all of our terms to the fly. It’s our connection. And a good leader, built with purpose and fished with a thorough understanding of its design is the foundation for fly fishing success.

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After years of resisting requests to tie and sell the leaders that I’m so fond of, I’ve given in. Troutbitten leaders are now available in the Troutbitten Shop. These are hand tied leaders, with clean, strong knots tied by my Troutbitten team of elves, helpers, friends.

** NOTE (March 18, 2021) ** Two-hundred Troutbitten leaders sold out within the first fifteen hours. So I underestimated demand.  : -)  I sincerely appreciate the interest and support. We’ll tie more leaders. And please check back soon.

— — — — — —

The following leaders are available for purchase:

Troutbitten Harvey Dry Leader

Troutbitten Standard Mono Rig

Troutbitten Thin Mono Rig

Troutbitten Micro-Thin Mono Rig

All three Mono Rigs can be purchased together in the Full Mono Rig Kit

Troutbitten Standard Sighters are also available

Each leader comes wrapped on a three-inch plastic spool, which is the perfect method for storing long leaders. It makes the process of changing rigs much more efficient, so you can easily swap out leaders in a minute or two.

All Troutbitten Mono Rigs include a sighter with a Backing Barrel built in, adding amazing visibility and another dimension of sensitivity to each sighter. High quality, black 1.5 mm tippet rings are included on each Mono Rig.

Troutbitten Standard Mono Rig

Because the Standard Mono Rig is designed as a versatile tool for a hybrid system, it includes the following:

— Two feet of 1X Rio Bi-Color for extending the Standard Sighter.
— Three rigging foams for storing and swapping out tippet sections. (For example, you may store two nymphs, a pair of streamers, dry dropper, etc., tied up and ready to attach to the sighter.)

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Fish ‘Em

So, to all the new and long-time Troutbitten readers and supporters out there, thank you. These leaders make a great addition to the Troutbitten Shop.

Fish hard, friends.

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Enjoy the day
Domenick Swentosky


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Domenick Swentosky

Central Pennsylvania

Hi. I’m a father of two young boys, a husband, author, fly fishing guide and a musician. I fish for wild brown trout in the cool limestone waters of Central Pennsylvania year round. This is my home, and I love it. Friends. Family. And the river.

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  1. I’m as exciting about receiving the standard mono rig as a kid on Christmas morning. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, advice and now the addition of mono rigs for purchase. Looking forward to future articles and videos.

    Thank you

  2. Outstanding.

    Dom, I know you have been contemplating doing this for a long time, and I know it involved much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands. Now that you’ve finally decided to take the plunge, I wish you great success with it. I’m sure that will happen. And lots of us folks out in the greater Troutbitten cyberworld will benefit from it.

    I “tie my own” but decided to purchase a couple of your “official” offerings….mostly to see how my own work compares. I’ve always felt a little guilty getting so much great guidance and learning from the website, which you amazingly offer up for free. I’ve wanted to support it in some way, but I don’t have any need for the shirts/hats/etc. that you do sell. So, in this way at least I can buy something from you, and in some small way at least “pay my way.

    cheers, mate,

    • Thank you, Dave. Very kind. I appreciate the support.


  3. Hello , we’ve been using a little different version for last 40 yrs or so . Thought we would try your specific formula but can’t get standard or the rig kit into cart. Statement at checkout says kit not available . Harvey leader is in cart . Are you already soldout ? Can we backorder ? Not in any hurry .


    • Hi Steve.

      Yes. I now added this note to this article and the products.

      ** NOTE ** Two-hundred Troutbitten leaders sold out within the first fifteen hours. So I underestimated demand. 🙂 But I sincerely appreciate the interest and support. We’ll tie more leaders. Please check back soon.

      Thank you, Steve. I’ll have more leaders available soon enough. Glad you are not in a rush.

      I’m going to keep things simple and not take backorders. Trying to keep like uncomplicated. Ha.

      Cheers, and thanks again.

  4. Dom,

    I am happy for you that you sold out so quick. I guess I will have to wait till more are tied. I have always tied my own based off your formulas, however I’m excited to be able to get my hands on the “real deal.” I like the idea of the full set because I can try the micro and thin, which I probably wouldn’t tie myself just to try.

    I support Troutbitten in any way I can to show my appreciation and gratitude for this invaluable resource.

    My Troutbitten hat has replaced my Sims and Orvis as my favorite and anytime I’m wearing a t-shirt my wife tells me “why don’t you put on that Troutbitten shirt, you’ll look so much better.” Seriously.

    I thank you for all that you do, I have learned a ton from Troutbitten and am a better angler for it.


  5. Hi Dom what a fantastic launch for your leader offer a truly great result sold out already. Id like to order a full set when you have stock, but no rush, Ill check back. But still Im curious to learn about shipping to New Zealand. I tried to order and ship a hat to New Zealand but a message at checkout says” no shipping options for Wellington NZ, is that correct or en error or ?

    Thanks for your help, regards AJ

    • Hello A.J.

      Thanks for the support and the kind words.

      Sadly, that is correct. I no longer ship overseas. I tried when I launched the shop, but there were so many headaches that it simply wasn’t worth it.


      • Hi Dom many thanks for your quick response, sad to hear about the shipping headaches but fully understand.

        Best regards AJ

  6. One thought. Can you also sell the 3″spools, maybe in packs of 3, so that those of us who tie some of our own variations can store them easily? I never seem to have an empty Maxima spool when I need one. What you are offering is superior to the foam disks for storing full leaders. The ones you currently sell in your store are too big to fit easily in my pack.

    • Hi Leigh,
      Thanks for the question. I may add more stuff like that to the Shop in the future. Just not sure yet.

      To clear up any confusion. The three-inch plastic spools that my leaders come on are the same spools that Maxima Chameleon comes on. I tried to find ANY other solution, but nothing beat those spools. I had to order 900 from Germany, during Covid. Ha. That took a while.

      I highly recommend NOT storing long leaders on the foam discs. The diameter is too small, and the leader just coils way too much, in my opinion. But the three inch plastic spools are just right.


  7. I was going to wish you much success when I saw that you’re sold out of leaders. So, maybe you need a little less success. Good going, my friend.

  8. WOW sold out in 15 hours! You did all the hard work over the years to help us put fish in the net. I hope you sell a million leaders.

  9. Selling all quickly says a lot about your reputation and how much we all believe in you! I also hope you will sell enormous numbers of leaders. Your share of knowledge and way of thinking established you as an amazing and generous person!

  10. Hey Dom,

    Do you have any idea when you may have more leaders tied up and available to purchase? I unfortunately missed out on the first offering.


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Domenick Swentosky

Central Pennsylvania

Hi. I’m a father of two young boys, a husband, author, fly fishing guide and a musician. I fish for wild brown trout in the cool limestone waters of Central Pennsylvania year round. This is my home, and I love it. Friends. Family. And the river.

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